Side Effects

What Are The Side Effects Of White Kidney Bean Extract?

First and foremost - if you have any medical condition or are on any special medication, always seek the advice of a doctor or your medical specialist before taking any dietary supplement, or starting a new diet regimen. With that being said - the common questions of "What are the side effects of white kidney bean extract?" are easily answered.

Based upon research and the materials that are publicly disclosed, we have found that there are no noted side-effects associated with white kidney bean extract. In addition, being that this is a product that is created from a natural food source, there are no other chemicals to consider here. The only potential side effects there may be are if you have any specific allergies to white kidney beans, and if you ingest too much of it.
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This natural supplement has specific instructions for use. We suggest that you use as directed and do not take too much of it, or anything else for that matter, especially after 9pm in the evening so you have enough time to digest it. Read the product label for additional information and suggestions relative to its use.

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